Monday, July 12, 2010

Ceramics & paper Construction fun

We've been playing with clay lately.
Making houses. These are facsimiles of some of the houses I lived in as a child.
The terrace is an attempt to reproduce my nan's house. Thanks to google street view I can actually check out how my memory is now and take a tour of 105 Trafalgar Rd Smethwick
A bottle of tamari is always handy.
And paper--this is a reproduction of the wallpaper that festooned my childhood bedroom walls, ceilings and curtains. Very 70's; very floral; very very.
I made some clay peapods, put them in a frame; and bowls and vases too.


  1. WOW, the houses look unreal. Mathilde is very clever!!

  2. Amazing concept! I love your ideas. They are "very very" clever. The wall paper and the house and all!!!!
    What clay do you use? I like your pots too! I used air drying clay for pots a while back but they crumbled and shattered. Any tips?

  3. Are these paper houses or made out of clay. I love the idea and the wallpaper.