Sunday, May 3, 2009

Woolly bits

Hmm I was planning to turn these
into lots of tiny balls of yarn to send out more wax packages to people, but I ended up putting more bits on this thingy. Goodness knows what it is, but it is a welcome relief from the intensity of x-stitching!Looks like it's time to bring the washing in too!


  1. Coooool! I watched a kids movie last night - Bridge To Terabithia - this looks like something the kid made at the end - can't tell you why 'cause it would spoil the ending!

    I blogged my version of the poppet! It is still in construction stage. Must get onto it!!!

    Ps. Froghopkins is now 'Marshmallow Beanie" - I don't know if the Froghopkins link works anymore. Can you add Marshmallow Beanie?


  2. I'm not sure what it is, but it was fun to make! it is a bit eiffel....thanks for blogging your object too, sal, you guys are great for playing along. am adding the Beanie now.......:)

  3. Great object - looks therapeutic to me - I think I want to make one!