Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cross Stitch

I have been cross-stitching today.

I found a place where you can convert photos to cross-stitch patterns. So I've started with a wee picture I used on FB for a while. I haven't cross-stitched since I was eight years old. I didn't need glasses then! The stitches are soooo tiny!

Luckily someone has lent me a whopping great magnifying lamp.


  1. YAY. Lets be friends in cyberspace!!

  2. Hi Pearshaped! welcome to blog land! I am sure you will find it warm and cosy here. Go check out mel's blog if you have time. She is "Threads of Conscience", you will find her on my list somewhere. I am glad there is another "maker of things" here... the world can not have too many.

  3. Thanks and hello! Am finding my way around.......:)